Founder & Head Coach

Shane Walsh

Shane Walsh is the founder of Shane Walsh Fitness. Shane’s route into fitness was not a normal one. After getting ill in 2017 Shane decided to try to get into some sort of training and once he started he was hooked.

After seeing that he could get into shape himself he thought, “well so can anyone”. In doing so developed a huge passion to help others do the same.

Shane is a Full Qualified Nutritionist who specialises in working with Females and educating them on how to fuel their body and move away from 1,200 calorie diets once and for all.

Outside of training, coaching and content production Shane enjoys nothing better than chilling with mates, walking, reading and ice-cream.

Stephen Dallas
Nutritionist & Coach

Stephen Dallas is an MNU Nutritionist and a Personal Trainer. Stephen is currently studying Psychology with his sights sets on becoming a Health Psychologist. 

“A lot of the reasons why people don’t reach their goals is usually down to other obstacles in their life, such as stress, lifebalance, self-doubt or past behaviours. I want to bridge the gap between mental and physical health.” 

Stephen specialises in performance nutrition and female weight loss. He seeks to guide clients toward their goals while making the path as seamless and smooth as possible.
Outside of helping people, he enjoys reading, hiking and dancing while he cooks.

If you are looking to improve your relationship with food, improve your performance or lose some weight, contact Coach Stephen.