These are the most common questions that comes into me through Instagram and on the gym floor.

Many people think that if you eat little and often that your metabolism will slow down.

Very different goals will have different requirements regarding meal timing and frequency, take for instance muscle gain does require certain timings etc but let’s concentrate on timing and frequency for health and weight Loss.

As this is what most people want to do which is to lose weight at some point in their lives.

From my research on this so far there is no evidence that weight loss is altered my meal frequency.

There is also no difference in eating 3 meals per day compared to 6 meals.

Does meal frequency matter:

For muscle gain for instance there is some evidence there’s a benefit but in the case of fat loss it doesn’t really matter.

Will skipping breakfast affect my metabolism

For so long growing up you were told to eat breakfast before you went anywhere and that it was the so called “most important meal of the day”.

Let me tell you a little secret, the people over in Kellogs paid for this study. They wanted to make an impact on their margin and have us believe this. And I hold my hands up I was guilty of this.

If you feel like breakfast have it, if you don’t want it then don’t have it.

Will fasted cardio help me lose more weight

This is a lie!

The only way for you to lose weight is to eat in a caloric deficit.

This along with exercise will make you feel a hell of a lot healthier.

Can you eat too much protein?

Protein is awesome.

For most of the population they can get protein from meat, chicken etc.

For Vegans and vegetarians you can get your protein from legumes, broccoli etc. (please take iron supplements along with this type of diet)

The only way that you will suffer from issues with protein and your kidneys is you have had some underlying issue with your kidneys protein shouldn’t affect your kidneys.

If you are on a weight loss journey or just about to start off I would aim to be in a caloric deficit and then in order to hold on to any muscle that you gain I would eat between 1.2g – 1.7g per kg of body weight.

Protein is awesome for keeping you full and repairing the muscle that you are working on growing.

Is creatine bad for you?

No. Everyone should take creatine. Yes including females.

This will help you to repair your body.

To gain muscle size, consider ‘loading’. Loading is taking a little more than you normally take.

Loading is 5-7 days of 20g (4 doses)  and then after that I would take 5g per day as maintenance dose.

Please make sure to drink water with it and plenty of water throughout the day.

Ideally taken with food/carbohydrates. After training tends to be the best time