NEAT is, well, pretty neat and is the easy answer to one of the internet’s most asked questions: how to burn more calories in a day?

The acronym stands for Non Exercise Activity Thermogenisis and accounts for all the calories we burn through movement that isn’t traditionally thought of as exercise. It ranges from walking to work, shopping, housework, looking after your children and even fidgeting.

You’ll soon be burning more calories with zero effort required. In fact, focussing on upping your NEAT could have a knock on effect, making you a more efficient and productive person.

Neat is really just a fancy way of saying be more active across the day, you’ll feel better, burn more fuel, and probably be outside more!’

A 2018 study found that low levels of NEAT can be linked to obesity, so taking a moment to check your NEAT levels will keep you healthy in the long run.

If you do a morning workout then factor NEAT activities into your day you’re going to burn extra calories, as well as maximising the effects from the gym workout you did. Win, win.

Think about it, you’re unlikely to do a tough workout and then chow down on a McDonalds.

Sure sometimes we do, but often we’ll eat some lean protein and healthy veggies to maximise our workout gains and we need to think about sedentary behaviour outside of the gym in the same way we do that burger.

It’s okay, occasionally, but regular sedentary behaviour will minimise the results of the hard work you put into your workouts.

As we mentioned NEAT doesn’t require any real effort. It’s a gentle form of exercise that helps to improve cardiovascular health, and if in an overall calorie deficit, is an excellent way to lower body fat.

Don’t like the gym then go for walks.

Take the stairs

Clean the house

Walking Lunches

Ditch your desk chair

Its an underrated tool in the armoury but is definitely not over rated.