I am an Online Nutrition and Fitness Coach where I’ve been very lucky to have helped hundreds of people to lose weight and feel better about themselves both face to face and Online. And I want to help more!

I am a fully qualified MNU Nutritionist and I have recently obtained a National Qualification in Pre and Post Natal Exercise from the National Training Centre.

Ever since a young age I’ve always been into sports my obsession was football or soccer (as they in the states)

Growing up I was the lanky awkward teenager that didn’t really fit in.

Like many people out there I was a little lost all the way throughout my school and college years. I continued to play football at an ok level but my social life was taking over.

I was out two or three times a week and going into work on Monday knackered and not recovering until Wednesday and that vicious circle continued for quite a while.

Fast forward to April 2017…to where something gave

I got very sick! (I’m all good now)

I didn’t cope at all and lost a lot of weight, fell into a bad place mentally and became a recluse.

This was the worst thing and best thing that happened to me, as it made me realise I needed to change something.

I decided to start to join a gym for the first time and started weight training properly and decided to sign up for my PT course at the same time.

I was hooked