Do you want to give up dieting?

Lose weight?

Tone up and have fun getting fitter so you can enjoy all the activities you love whilst looking great?

How about enjoy clothes shopping knowing you’ll find things that fit?

Or enjoy the feeling of energy everyday as you go about your normal tasks?

Last year my clients each lost between 1st and 5st and all of them had fun doing it and feel happier and healthier

Shane is an MNU Qualified Nutritionist who has helped hundreds of women move away from fad dieting and gain back their confidence

Client Testimonials

Starting off I was overweight with low confidence and self-esteem. Shane guided me through every aspect of my journey from food to workouts all tailored made to fit around my ever-changing schedule. Shanes knowledge on nutrition and little facts here and there were always appreciate and entertaining. The session with Shane was always good craic and always left with a smile on my face even though I was dying inside. I feel I have more control over my body as I now eat double the calories before and no longer feel guilty eating out. Six months on, I believe I am a changed person, so far I have lost over 15kgs on the scales but have a completed different composition. I couldn’t praise Shanes motivation, persistence and technique enough and I look forward to continuing my journey with Shane Walsh fitness.


Shane gave me exactly the kick up the back side I needed and made me realize that I can push my self way further than I thought. I look at myself now and I’m hitting numbers I never thought I could. Running has become a joy to me after it used to be something I hated because I didn’t think I could do it. Most importantly, every day I wake up and look at myself and realize one thing: I’m in good health and good shape. Thanks a lot for not only being a great coach but also being a good friend. It goes to show that you did brilliant work with me otherwise I wouldn’t have referred a few of my good friends to you. I am really a changed man compared to the one that walked into the gym that first day. Keep up the amazing work mate.


From our very first conversation Shane’s primary focus was to get an understanding of my needs and goals in order to create a tailored programme that was manageable but effective in a short time frame. Over the course of 5 weeks, Shane’s rigorous programme, combined with his continuous advice in relation to diet, exercise and technique along the way, not only allowed me to exceed my goals but crucially gave me confidence to maintain a structured programme by myself going forward. The results far exceeded my expectations and I couldn’t rate Shane any higher as a personal trainer.


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Specialist in Weight loss, Nutrition and Mindset

“The challenge is to always improve, to always get better, even when you are the best. Especially when you are the best”

Graham Henry, former All Blacks Rugby Head Coach